hair treatmentsYour hair stands up to a lot of abuse over time. From chemicals and hair color to environmental factors such as the sun or smoke, there are all sorts of pollutants that can affect your hair and scalp. After constant exposure to these toxins, your hair begins to become compromised from it's natural state and can become noticeably weaker, less vibrant and harder to manage. Occasionally it needs to be rejuvenated to a healthy and balanced level that offers increased manageability, a better, fuller look and a silkier feel.

Transform and restore the condition and health of your hair with an intense Redken chemistry conditioning treatment, De-mineralizing or Detoxifying treatment. Each treatment is  customized to the specific needs of your hair, which helps to target the problems while maximizing the benefits.

Customized Chemistry Treatment
Add moisture, shine, and strength and control to hair that has been chemically and mechanically weakened. Each shot is specifically mixed for your individual needs.


De-mineralizing Treatment
Remove unwanted buildup of chlorine, rust and product from your hair, leaving it brighter looking
and lighter feeling.


Redken Heat Cure
Repair up to one year of damage with this amazing new treatment. Heat cure is the perfect combination of chemistry and technology. This service can be performed on its own or in addition to any cut and color.


Blow-Dry & Style
Added to any treatment above.



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