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Welcome to Salon Cambrai

Salon Cambrai is a full service McHenry hair salon composed of a young team of well educated stylists. Since we hold a true passion for our profession, we take pride in the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our personal interest in the latest trends and styles combined with an extensive knowledge of past trends allows us to properly address the needs of nearly any individual who enters our salon.

We offer a wonderful program for referrals and/or repeat service. This not only aids in the positive growth of our business, but it extends our gratitude in a way that can be appreciated by both new and returning guests alike. Additionally, we've done our best to create a fun and unique atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your time with us.

We believe that the most important factor in operating a successful business is to please our guests, therefor we take a genuine pride in understanding your needs and then delivering exactly what you’ve asked for. It's our sincere intention that each and every person who walks through our door as a guest will leave happily as a friend. While we consider ourselves lucky to have found our passion, we are even more grateful for the real opportunities and relationships that are given to us every day.

At Salon Cambrai our guests are the highest priority. We offer our personal assurance in meeting your beauty needs, as well as providing the quality and level of service that you deserve. Your happiness is what makes our salon a success, and we would like to thank you for your business. Please, take a look around our site for details, information and pricing on all of our beauty services. We hope to see you soon!